Git gud

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What does Git gud mean?

Git gud is the slang version of the term “get good” said especially by the gaming community to newbies, or n00bs, as they are known here, implying that they should improve their game.

Origin of the term

Where does Git gud come from?

Game FAQs forums trace the origin of the expression to the Metal Gear online community of Playstation 3.

The first entry on the phrase was added to Urban Dictionary in 2008.

Spread of the term

How did Git gud spread?

By 2012, the expression was not only present in games but also message boards, related to gaming, for example the /v/ section of 4chan.

Call of Duty and Dark Souls players were especially known to use it, one because of the cancerous community, and the other for the sheer difficulty of the game.

It is present on several other games, including Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends.

Outside of games, a famous instance of the phrase is a photoshopped version of the film poster “Get Rich or Die Trying” modified to “Git Gud or Die Trying”.

Online cartoons, humorously depicting gamers started to include the phrase in their videos, resulting in the peak of the popularity of the term in 2016.


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