Gay baby jail

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What does Gay baby jail mean?

The term refers to the player being soft locked in a game, originally in Super Mario 64.

If you got yourself soft locked, it means you can’t move, can’t jump and the gay baby part; you can’t die, thus the only way of leaving your prison is either by reloading an older save or quitting from the game.

Soft locks are not intentional parts of the game, they are rather oversights and bugs, the developers didn’t mean to include in the game, or were just too lazy to fix it, giving players the opportunity to experience THE GAY. BABY. JAIIIIIIIIIL.

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Origin of the term

The expression comes from a Tumblr post, featuring a bird, locked in a box that had these three words printed on, though it is accredited to the streamer SimpleFlips, who has been using the phrase the most, spreading it all over the internet, ever since 2017.

Spread of the term

The phenomenon got big, with memes all over the internet circulating.

We may observe on YouTube, as SimpleFlips is locked in gay baby jail, or just browse a few memes, that are all over Tumblr, as well as Reddit and all the usual sites where lifeless millennials are posting their stuff.

Urban Dictionary added the phrase to its repertoire in 2017.


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