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What does Gabacho mean?

Gabacho is a Spanish expression for someone foreign, usually applied in a pejorative manner.

Depending on the origin and nationality of the user it may convey several different meanings; in America, it may be used to refer to the United States, or a white American man (also known as gringo).

In Spain, “gabacho” is used to refer to French people in a disrespectful way.

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Origin of the term

“Gabacho” comes from the Occitan word gavach which means northerner or peasant.

The term had been in used by Spanish speakers since at least 1530, initially applied for the French, whom the Spanish people had their historical squabbles with.

With the progress of time and the expansion of the Spanish empire into the New World, “gabacho” started to be utilized by the inhabitants of Central and South America to refer to white men from the United States in a disrespectful manner.

Spread of the term

With the large amounts of inhabitants in America, who retain a Latin ancestry, the expression is largely embedded into the lingo of the United States, especially that of the South, close to the borders of Mexico.

“Gabacho” was added to the archives of Urban Dictionary in 2003 for the first time.

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