Fuck, marry, kill

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What does Fuck, marry, kill mean?

Fuck-marry-kill is a popular schoolyard game, known by most of those, who attended public education, or by those who have friends.

One player mentions three people (celebrities, or people otherwise known by the partakers of the activity) and the rest of the participants have to tell the others, which one they want to fuck, marry and kill.

The thrill of the game is increased, if the subjects of the game are personally known by the players. Other names of the activity may be; kiss, marry, kill / marry, sex, kill / marry, shag, kill.

Fuck Marry Kill?

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Origin of the term

The game was born on the schoolyards, in an age long shrouded by the fogs of oblivion. It is thought to be played on the Howard Stern radio show.

In 2008 the TV show Snog Marry Avoid? was created on BBC Three. The participating women undergo a makeover and are juried by strangers, whether they’d embrace, wed or kill them.

Spread of the term

In the 2010’s the pastime had spread widely on the internet. First in 2010, it appeared on Tumblr, followed by a website, where the game could be played.

Soon after, the phenomenon had spread to Facebook, 4chan, Buzz Feed, as well as YouTube. The final destination of the activity was Reddit, where a thread had started about the schoolyard game.


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