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What does Formicophilia mean?

Formicophilia is a form of zoophilia, that invokes sexual fantasies, desires and even acts of placing insects on the bare skin of the subject, who retains pleasure from the tickling, nibbling feeling of tiny animals moving around on them.

Depending on the person, a “formicophile” may place insects on various erogenous zones on the body, ranging from the nipples, to thighs to the genitals themselves.

Alternatively, slugs or frogs may also be used by patients to retain similar feelings of satisfaction from the motion of the animal.

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Origin of the term

The term was coined by Ratnin Dewaraja and John Money in 1986, following a studiy of a patient, indulging in “formicophile” practices.

It comprises of the Latin word formica meaning ant and the Greek word –philia which means liking or love toward something or someone.

Spread of the term

“Formicophilia” is a rather rare condition, there are only two recorded studies, all revolving around one individual each, both of whom started indulging in the practice during childhood, out of curiosity.

It is something, most people would find revoltingly repugnant, as the majority of humans are repulsed or afraid of insects, bugs and slugs.

Urban Dictionary’s definition on the subject was uploaded in 2008.


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