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What does Finna mean?

Finna is originally an abbreviation for the phrase “fixing to”, meaning preparing to perform an act.

It is mostly embraced in ghetto slang, where it is used as a synonym for “gonna”, since both are expressing intent to do something in the future, though “finna” itself refers to the more immediate future, while “gonna” is looking deep into the horizon of time.

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Origin of the term

Finna has its roots in Southern American English, where “fixing” was originally started to be adopted into use in the 18th century, which meant getting ready for something.

In the following hundred years it morphed into “fixing to”, similarly to “going to”.

Spread of the term

The term gained mainstream use through the hip hop culture, set into motion by African Americans in the 1980’s. It was featured in songs performed by NWA, as well as King Tee and several others.

Today it can mostly be found in Tweets, as well as Facebook and Instagram posts, though memes also embrace the phrase.

The expression has been present on Urban Dictionary as early as 2003, which set the foundation for it to spread all over the surface of the Internet.


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