Female Led Relationship

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What does Female Led Relationship mean?

The term “Female Led Relationship” refers to a type of relationship where the women is metaphorically wearing the pants in the relationship, usually because the woman is more dominant than the man and is in more in control of everything.

In a way the woman is manipulating the man however she wishes and due to the cluelessness he doesn’t even realise it’s happening.

Because of the power hungriness of the woman, she can’t get enough of it and controls everything in the relationship, even the habits, like friends and sexual aspects of her partner.

She will go as far as getting rid of everything she doesn’t like in her partner and making him depend on her in every aspect.

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Origin of the term

“Female Led Relationship” were always there, but not as extreme as it is now, after women rights and equality has started to gain a voice and women started feeling the urge to be more powerful because of it, so some of them took it to extreme levels.

Spread of the term

The term “Female Led Relationship” gained popularity after the acceptance of women equality and rights.

Slowly but steadily more and more dominant women started to pop up in relationships openly and later thanks to the internet, lot of websites and magazines started telling women to be more dominant and control their man in their relationships.

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