Fake and Gay

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What does Fake and Gay mean?

Fake and Gay is a “stock comment” meaning it is reflexively used in situations perceived right by users.

In this particular case, the expression is used for doubting the credibility of the presented data or document and also insulting the poster for spreading false information on the web.

Its cynical nature makes it related to other phrases, like “seems legit” or “that happened.”

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Origin of the term

It is not possible, to highlight the exact first instance of the expression in a comment, though the gay part of the phrase points toward the 2000’s, when gay was widely used as a synonym for puny, or lame. This changed since, as many people are outraged by the homophobic implication of the term.

The first ever entry on Urban Dictionary entry on the subject was written in 2008, crediting the popularization of the expression to Break.com.

Spread of the term

Ray William Johnson contributed massively to the further spread of the stock comment, through his web series on YouTube, titled Equals Three.

Partly to his influx, many users on YouTube and other sites, such as Facebook, started to use the remark a lot, spamming “fake and gay” to the comment section of all kinds of online content.

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