England is my city

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What does England is my city mean?

“England is my city” is a part of the lyrics from a YouTube video titled: “It’s everyday bro” rapped by Nick Crompton.

The video was made in collaboration with the infamous ex-Vine and Youtube star Jake Paul.

The lyrics where mocked online by the users saying England is a country, not a city, and parodied in “YouTube poop videos” and remixes.

England is my city

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Origin of the term

In 2017. Jake Paul uploaded a music video to YouTube titled “It’s everyday bro”.

It has gained more than 258 million views as of 2020. but has a high dislike ratio.

In the video he brags about soon passing PewDiePie because of his follower count (but that will never happen), and he thrash talks about his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, who is another YouTuber like him.

They have undergone a very public breakup, because they both cheated on each other, where out of revenge, Alissa started to date Jake’s brother Logan Paul.

In the video Nick Crompton appears and says the line “England is my city”, where the phrase originates from.

Spread of the term

The trend since then has died down quite a lot, but still can be found in YouTube videos and reaction images/memes posted to image sharing sites like 9gag or Reddit, where users use it mock someone for saying something stupid or being uneducated.


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