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What does Emetophilia mean?

Emetophilia is the feeling of sexual arousal, of vomiting, or watching, hearing someone else vomit.

It is also referred to as “vomit fetish”, and is considered a paraphilia (the experience of a strong sexual arousal from atypical objects, situations or individuals).

Some “emetophiles” practices this fetish by having their partner vomit on them during sex, by performing deep-throat oral sex. Meanwhile, others prefer to vomit on their partner.

This practice can be also called “Roman shower”, because of the common belief in the induction of vomiting at Roman feasts.

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Origin of the term

The exact origin of the “emetophilia” is unknown, because of the brief research it has been done on the topic.

However, the term can be traced back to Greek language, because individually the word “emeo-” means “I vomit” and “philia” means “love”.

Spread of the term

This obsession is turning into a well-known pattern in the sex entertainment industry, because of its shock effect and as a form of humiliation and degradation.

There are many references on the topic, including Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices. written by Anil Aggrawal.

Furthermore, in Robert J. Stroller’s academic journal, he wrote about “emetophilia” under the section Erotic Vomiting.

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