Ear rape

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What does Ear rape mean?

Ear rape is an expression used for loud, distorted tracks of music or sudden sounds in songs, YouTube videos or flash clips.

These are both observed as and serving to be annoying and damaging to our hearing organs, but we may very well encounter these little shits and if not careful, our ears may feel raped afterwards, hence the name.

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Origin of the term

 One of the first instances of the term online was on the site “YTMND” in a post about Avril Lavigne singing the classic System of a Down song, Chop Suey, with the comment “I think something just raped my ears.”

Spread of the term

The first Urban Dictionary entry on the phrase was added in 2006, where it was defined as someone deliberately playing annoying sounds and music in a voice chat, with plenty of other definitions added since that time.

One of the earliest videos, containing ear rape was uploaded in 2008, by user Stefan Fransson, with the title “BEST EAR RAPE EVER”.

After 2015, dank meme videos, featuring deep fried memes were swarmed by these ungodly sounds, and many of us still haven’t recovered their hearing capabilities before those times.

Ear rape became a common thing to hear in YouTube poop videos as well.


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