Dirty Sprite

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What does Dirty Sprite mean?

The term Dirty Sprite is a slang for the mixture of clear soda like drinks like sprite, and the cough medicine that contains codeine and promethazine.

It became commonly used in the hip hop culture as a reference because of its abuse in the black communities due to it being a cheap and not illegal way to get high for them and it’s not as risky as getting weed or something stronger.

Thanks to the gang mentality of their culture, its rather popular.

It is also referred to by other names as lean or purple drank, but it’s a dangerous substance if its combined with the sedative called Xanax, which has led to multiple fatalities.

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Origin of the term

The usage of Dirty Sprite started around the 1980-1990s but the usage of the term only started in early 2010s thanks to the black hip hop communities which has lead to and even more open usage in 2011 when it started to spread to hip hop music too.

Spread of the term

The term and usage of Dirty Sprite is highly popular in the black culture and in the hip-hop culture thanks to the fact that it’s a drug like substance which you can get you high for cheap.


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