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What does Dickbutt mean?

Dickbutt is one of the most absurd phenomena on the internet, plainly just being what it is; a humanoid dick, whose balls are his butt cheeks, with another penis wedged between them.

It can be seen in the last frames of videos or GIFs, as an unexpected flash of absurdity.

Dickbutt may also be used as an insult, implying that the other party is a homosexual.

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Origin of the meme

Where does Dickbutt come from?

The thing was first seen in 2006, in K. C. Green’s webcomic series, “Horrbileville”.

In one of these comics, titled “Tree, You’ve Been Good to Us” an artist is scolded by the trees for wasting their gifts, like paper, then he vows never to do this again.

The final two frames of the story is the artist, creating Dickbutt and his face of realization.

Spread of the meme

How did Dickbutt spread?

Dickbutt was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2007.

DeviantART and 4chan quickly embraced the artwork and contributed to spreading it everywhere on the web.

It also conquered YouTube in a video, where the creator, Th0ldMan is introducing his Spore-created dickbutt.

In the 2010’s, was present on Reddit, Tumblr, 9gag and was even referenced on the humor site, College Humor.

Dickbutt was often seen in videos or GIFs, where people are waiting in anticipation for something to be revealed to be… Dickbutt!


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