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What does Demiboy mean?

A demiboy person is someone who identifies as non-binary yet with a connection to masculinity, meaning they may show more masculine traits in expression and behaviour than feminine.

It can also be a person assigned male at birth, yet does not feel a strong association to the male gender, however, they are not dissociated enough to experience dysphoria.

The term can also be used to define a person who was assigned female at birth, yet feels a stronger connection to being masculine, yet not strong enough to be considered transgender.

It is the male equivalent to “demigirl”.

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Origin of the term

Made up of the prefix “demi-” meaning “half” or “partial”, and “boy”, signifying the connection to masculinity.

Along with “demigirl”, it was first defined on Tumblr in 2014, and belongs under the non-binary, demigender umbrella.

Spread of the term

The “demiboy” pride flag is made up of 7 horisontal stripes, of which the two outer ones are dark grey, followed by light grey, light blue, and white in the middle. The shades of grey signify the partial nature of the gender, the light blue represents the masculinity, and the white the neutrality.

“Demiboy” is less prominent than its feminine equivalent, yet demigender is a big part of the LGBTQ community.

“Demiboys” may usually prefer either he/him pronouns, or they/them, however, it is important to ask before making any assumptions to show respect for their identity.


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