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What does Cyka Blyat mean?

The word “Blyat” means “bitch” or “whore” in Russian.

When combined, “Cyka Blyat”, the phrase that has spawned endless memes and mockery of each other in the online game “Counter Strike”, means “Fucking bitch”.

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Origin of the term

The origin of the term is unknown.

The first recorded mention where it is used in such sense and explaining that it is a slang word, made its way to Urban Dictionary on the 6th September 2005.

Spread of the term

In 2013 a video was uploaded to YouTube, named “Blyat on the road compilation”.

The video featured dash cam footage from Russia, with the heavy use of the swear word “Blyat”.

It wasn’t long until a trend started, and people followed in uploading more videos in the same style, obviously harpooning on the use of the swearing “Blyat”.

The videos went on the conquer many corners of the internet like 9gag and reddit, with the wording evolving to “Cyka Blyat” at this point.

This has led to the actual birth of the meme: where Counter Strike: Source players, got matched with Russians on the Europe region servers and mostly only heard Russian players shouting “Cyka Blyat” into their microphones when the situation prompted.

People got the idea of Russians only using the phrase “Cyka Blyat” in situations, where they are mocking other people for doing something wrong, so they have followed in using it almost always when someone spoke Russian.

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