Curb Stomp

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What does Curb Stomp mean?

A curb stomp is the act of putting another person’s mouth on a curb and then stomping on their head to forcefully widen their mouth.

It is a brutal form of torture and is mainly used in acts of gang violence these days.

One of the most famous Curb Stomps originated from the world famous movie American History X, where the main protagonist plays a nazi who puts a coloured person through the procedure.

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Origin of the term

The Curb Stomp is a pretty old form of punishment and torture and was widely used by the German Nazis in World War II.

There are however records even before that time so it is hard to define an exact point of origin, however it is believed to have been upwards of 200 years ago.

Spread of the term

In modern times the main point of awareness for the Curb Stomp is the already mentioned movie American History X, which became a global hit and left many people shocked when they first saw the scene when it happens.

Afterwards lots of online discussion boards picked up on discussing the event and thus spreading it on a global scale.


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