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What does Crossfaded mean?

Crossfaded is a slang expression for the state, when you are both high as hell and dead drunk. This show usually ends with the curtains closing in on you, clutching at your stomach, hunched over the toilet and spewing out the vile fluids from your belly.

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Origin of the term

The expression comes from the movie industry, when two cuts are intersected and faded into one another.

Faded has been used as a slang term for being high or drunk for a while, so it is clear, why crossfaded is utilized to describe being intoxicated by two substances at the same time; the two kinds of high crossing each other and making you trip on the thin line between drunk and elevated.

Spread of the term

Crossfaded is an expression especially utilized in America, though it is usually understood by most English speakers.

The phrase had been defined on Urban Dictionary as early as 2005, which led to it spreading further across the globe.

People lately had turned for Google a lot for answers on how to get out of this peculiar state, defined by nausea and extreme loss of mental and motor capabilities.


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