Commit Sudoku

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What does Commit Sudoku mean?

Commit Sudoku is a running joke, intentionally mixing up the Japanese word for suicide by stabbing one in his own stomach with the famous puzzle game, called Sudoku.

It is often seen with the catchphrase from Total War: Shogun 2; “Shamefur dispray”.

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Origin of the term

The first instance of the expression is found in an YTMND page, from 2006, with the title “DISTURBING! Japanese Girl Committing Sudoku” with a picture of an Asian woman solving the puzzle.

Spread of the term

In the same year, a photoshopped picture of a picture of stomach cutting was uploaded to YTMND with the title “I order you to commit sudoku”.

In the following years, several sites approached the theme, either with uploading overheard conversations about people confusing the two words, or threads revolving around commiting sudoku.

Starting with the 2010’s, several comics took an approach to the joke, from two friends talking, to a samurai literally committing Sudoku… solving the puzzle on his own chest with his katana.

Lots of interpretations exist about the joke, with even Polandball comics featuring it in a comic.

In 2012, a user added a definition to Sudoku, noting that on message boards people often confuse the game with the samurai’s method of suicide.

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