Colombian Necktie

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What does Colombian Necktie mean?

The Colombian Necktie is yet another brutal method of execution, meant to frighten and intimidate the enemy by the sheer terror of discovering the mutilated body.

It is performed, by slashing the victim’s neck horizontally and then tearing his or her tongue out the gaping hole, making it look like a meaty, blood soaked necktie.

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Origin of the term

While many sources and people credit the execution method to the world famous drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, the method had been practiced decades before his reign.

The brutal execution comes from the period, Colombian history refers to as “La Violencia” or “The Violence”.

This was a ten-year long civil war between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party of the country between the years 1948 and 1958.

Spread of the term

The practice had lived on after the armed conflict, as drug cartels had seized more and more power in the South American country, ready to consolidate it through the power of terror.

The necktie had been referred to in several motion pictures and series, including Breaking Bad and Prison Break.

Urban Dictionary had defined the phenomenon as early as 2003, revealing the brutal practice to the curious internet dwellers, yearning for knowledge.


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