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What does CMNM mean?

CMNM is an abbreviation for the practice “Clothed Male Naked Male” which is similar to CFNM and CMNF with the difference being that here the participants are men only.

One of the participants is naked and the other is clothed, though the situation is not always sexual (but mostly it is).

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Origin of the term

Men have been known throughout history, that they like to “swing their dick around” as the saying goes.

Nudity for men in antiquity have been perfectly normal and accepted; the participants of the Olympics were traditionally naked.

Also, homosexuality in ancient Greece was seen as the purest form of love.

With Christianity though, more puritan thoughts entered the European norms and nudity as well as gay men were frowned upon.

The origin of the abbreviation can be dated back to the early 2000’s, when texting and internet language popularized shortenings.

Spread of the term

 The term nowadays is not as recognized as CFNM or CMNF, but it is still well known.

We may mostly encounter it in the gay section of porn sites, or kink sites, giving advice to seekers of sexual practices.

CMNM was added to the plethora of definitions on Urban Dictionary in 2010.

Further information/sources

  • Urban Dictionary – CMNM
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