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What does Clout Chaser mean?

Clout chaser refers to a person, who is associating themselves with a trend or a person, in hopes of gaining more popularity themselves.

A clout chaser is basically like a dog; hanging with a stronger specimen in hopes for receiving the leftovers.

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Origin of the term

The phrase is pretty obvious; it describes a person, who is chasing or following someone else, who possesses clout, or power and influence.

Clout chaser is mostly associated with the American hip hop sphere, as several rappers are using it, though no one truly knows, who came up with the term.

Spread of the term

The 2010’s had several cases of clout chasers, just think about the upcoming rappers, all dissing Eminem, who can be considered one of the greatest of all times.

The phrase is also heard from the mouth of weed connoisseur and hip hop artist, Snoop Dogg, who defines the term in a BET interview.

Though a clout chaser may be observed as someone without integrity and originality, riding the waves of trends, most people are somewhat clout chasers themselves; just look at fashion.

Clout chasing is somewhat giving in to the pressures of the crowd and going with the grand flow of culture.


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