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What does Chunchunmaru mean?

Chunchunmaru is a sword found in the Japanese Anime series Konosuba.

It is wielded by Satou Kazuma, the main protagonist of the series.

In the series, Satou Kazuma died very early and was then given the opportunity to be reborn as a baby with complete loss of memory about his prior life, enter the afterlife or being reborn into a fantasy world under the rule of a demon king, the latter of which he chose in the series.

Chunchunmaru plays a crucial role in the series and could be compared to Excalibur in western culture.

It turned into a meme because the swords name is rather quirky and doesn’t fit the epic setting it brings in the anime.

One of the more famous memes, which is also featured on KnowYourMemes entry of Chunchunmaru goes as follows:

“What would people take more seriously if it had a different name? → Chunchunmaru”


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Origin of the term

The series Konosuba was first aired in December 2012.

Chunchunmaru first appeared in the series in the 6th episode of the 2nd season.

Afterwards it played a big role within the series and thus also gained media attention, mainly by fans of Anime and the Japanese culture in general.

Spread of the term

Konosuba may not be one of the most popular Animes out there, but given the overall success of Anime and the Japanese culture as of lately, it has still got a decent sized community of fans by now.

The word about the sword first started spreading in early 2013 and the first and only entry on the Urban Dictionary for Chunchunmaru was submitted in May of 2019.


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