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What does Chonk mean?

The internet slang “Chonk” describes something, usually an animal, that is fat or chubby.

It started out with a “chonk chart”, depicting an orange colored cat in different sizes, that was shared on different entertainment platforms.

The size of the cat starts out with “a fine boi”, followed by “he chonk” all the way to “Oh lawd he coming”, all being descriptions for the size of the cat, in an increasing order.

Chonk is usually used to describe fat cats, but it is not unusual to describe other chubby pets as well.

CHONK Chart in HD

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Origin of the term

The meme was originally a body-fat index chart for healthy cat sizes, but was photoshopped into this funny parody.

This version was first uploaded to a cat enthusiast page on facebook in 2018, and caught huge popularity – as cats online usually do.

Spread of the term

Twitter was the next platform to catch onto the chart after Facebook, followed by Reddit – which created a new subreddit called /chonkers – proving the popularity of the chart.

It then spread to the rest of the internet.

After the original meme had circulated the internet a couple times, the term chonk was used in new memes and images of other chubby pets.


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