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What does Chonies mean?

Chonies is a slang expression for underpants, boxers or panties.

It is rarely encountered and is only used in the the United States of America.

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Origin of the term

The term comes from the Spanish calzones, which translates to breeches or trousers, though there is an extremely delicious Italian dish with the same name.

The large Spanish speaking population of America had led to the adoption and modification of the term into the English language, resulting in “chonies.”

Spread of the term

The word is especially used in school context, like in the changing room, when kids are laughing at the soiled “chonies” of the unlucky classmate.

Urban Dictionary added the term to its list of definitions in 2003, the earliest and several other entries and interpretations were written on the site since then.

While the use of “chonies” remains mainly in the presence of kids and teens, it is still a major enough expression, that one may encounter it and stand puzzled, not knowing the true meaning behind it.

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