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What does Chomo mean?

Chomo is a prison slang term, used for the sickest of the sick, the most fucked up of them all; child molesters.

It is the portmanteau of the words “child” and “molester” especially utilized in the United States of America.

The term may also be used as a racial slur for homosexuals of Chinese origin.

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Origin of the term

It is difficult to determine, where and when a prison slang word first shows up, as they are hidden in the shadows for quite a while, before making it outside of penitentiaries.

Urban Dictionary had already defined chomo in as early as 2003, allowing the presumption, that chomo might come from the second half of the 20th century.

Spread of the term

Thanks to the internet, slang terms and expressions may spread far and wide in an easy manner, across the globe.

That is the case with chomo.

Over the years it had accumulated more and more uses and appearances, both on the web and in real life, though the phrase is still primarily used in the United States.


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