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What does Chode mean?

 The meaning of chode has been debated ever since its entry to mainstream slang. It either refers to the perineum, the area betweed the anus and the penis itself, but it is defined by many as a dick that’s more wide than long.

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Origin of the term

Chode is said to have derived from the Navajo word “chodis” meaning penis, or the Hindu verb for sex, “chod”. It became a mainstream slang word after it was featured in an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head in 1993.

The term chode was featured in the show several times afterwards as well, leaving observers puzzled and debating about its meaning.

Spread of the term

By the late 90’s people were arguing about chode and opposing teams applied the term to each other, though they agreed in one thing; the expression is not for saying how much we love each other. In the 2000’s articles were being published online, contemplating if the legendary chode dick exists or not.

Comical songs were also composed about this strange and mysterious body part.


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