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What does Chinesium mean?

Chinesium is a made up element, not found on the periodic table, which was invented as a blanket term for every cheap material (metal, plastic, ceramic) originating from China, manufactured at a low quality to decrease production costs and to maximize profits.

Chinese products had grown a large reputation for being unreliable, especially as the price of the product decreases.

Digger bucket made of “Chinesium”….

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Origin of the term

Since the 50’s of the last century, China had been ever growing and expanding in term of industry, reaching the point today, at which most of the products we buy were created or assembled in China.

These products of the orient had made themselves quite a bad reputation though, as the cheap production costs often resulted in low quality products.

The first time “Chinesium” was written of on Urban Dictionary was in 2010.

Spread of the term

During the late 2000’s and 2010’s various photos were uploaded to the internet, that were turned into memes, where seemingly durable Chinese products were broken by seemingly inferior German or other items.

At that time, the term “Chinesium” started to circulate as a joke for the lousy material, everything seems to be composed of, that comes out of China.


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