But Did You Die?

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What does the meme But Did You Die? mean?

But did you die is a legendary tier catchphrase from the equally legendary movie character Chow from the Hangover movies.

It is used to reflect on the triviality of the story, your friend is telling like it is the doomsday prophecy itself.

Of course you can also just annoy your mates by constantly asking this question after every story they tell you.

2017 was bad, but did you die??

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Origin of the meme

But did you die is coming from the second installation of the Hangover trilogy, the so called “Hangover Part 2” which aired in 2013.

It is seen in the scene, where Chow is having a conversation with the rest of the crew about their “bad day.”

When Phil, played by Bradley cooper classifies their day as bad, Chow comes back: “Oh you’re having a bad day… did you die?”

Spread of the meme

The phrase turned into a meme quickly, mostly due to the absurd way, it approaches death, like it is something people go through every day.

Since the movie’s debut, people had thrown the sentence around, in hopes of triggering their friends about some story, that is still a soft spot for them.

A definition about the sentence had been up on Urban Dictionary since 2014.

Several image macros and memes have been also created from the material, and we may encounter them online.


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