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What does Bussy mean?

The term “bussy” may have two different meanings:

  1. The “man pussy” AKA “butt pussy” or “boy-pussy”, hence: “bussy”. Used as a homosexual slang, indicating that the mans butthole is equivalent to a vagina.
  2. “Bussy bop”, derived from “pussy pop”. Pussy-popping is the same as twerking, but the vagina moves with the movement. “Bussy-bop” is pussy popping to “bopable” or catchy music.

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Origin of the term

Bussy bop was a slang started by youtuber “Crankthatfrank”, who listens and reacts to different  types of music in his videos.

Bussy as a gay slang has no clear origin, however it seems to protrude in the early 2000’s.

Spread of the term

“Bussy” for “boy-pussy” is used by gay- and trans men, equivalent to how “pussy” is used as a synonym to “vagina” for women. It is a semi-popular term in the LGTBQ community.

“Bussy bop” is nearly exclusively used by the fanbase of youtuber “Crankthatfrank”, especially when he reviews and reacts to catchy tunes, considered as “bopable” – someting you could “bop” to.

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