Bottom bitch

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What does Bottom bitch mean?

A bottom bitch is a prostitute who has a strong relationship to her pimp. The bottom bitch has probably know the pimp the longest of his prostitutes, and will usually gain perks based on this, for example more jobs or better paid jobs.

She is the pimps most trusted woman, and he never questions what she tells him. If the pimp is the CEO, the bottom bitch is his general manager, and she will even look after his affairs if he is unavailable.

A less used definition is that the “bottom bitch” is the submissive male in a homosexual relationship, usually the one who is the receiving part of anal sex.

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Origin of the term

The American slang arose in the early 2000’s, and was mentioned in literature such as Bruce Szathmary’s “Dolly’s The Greatest Little Whorehouse in Nevada” in 2002.

In the Eleventh Circuit of the U. S. v. Pipkins prostitution case in 2001, the roles of the “bottom girl” was mentioned, such as collecting money for the pimp, and stepping in his stead when needed.

Spread of the term

The term is often used in pop culture as a getto slang, and the album “Hot Pink” (2019) by Doja Cat features a song with the term as title.

Although “bitch” is normally a derogatory term, “bottom bitch” tends to have a positive vibe to it, and some women are even encouraged to be their mans “bottom bitch”, above other girls.

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