Boop the snoot

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What does Boop the snoot mean?

The term “Boop the snoot”  got its meaning from cute animal pictures and videos on the internet.

It describes when either a person or an animal touches another one’s face but mostly nose while being very careful, like when a cat touches something a few times to see if it moved at all.

Double tap to boop the snoot

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Origin of the term

The Simpsons did everything, including the first use of the sound effect “boop”. In an episode from 1992, where Bart tries to mail his younger sister, He puts stamp on Lisa’s nose, the sound effect can first be heard.

However, since most of the internets content creators weren’t even alive yet when the episode aired, it is very hard to tell, where the use originates from in today’s meme culture as there is no exact record of it.

Spread of the term

After the first few images surfaced on meme sharing sites and message boards, the definition was submitted to Urban Dictionary, confirming the actual meaning and use of the term “Boop the snoot”.

Once people got the hang of it, it started spreading like wildfire, due to the fact, that on the internet, one of the most popular things to do is watching cute animal pictures, which the term goes along with like bread and butter.


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