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What does BOHICA mean?

BOHICA is an acronym for “Bend over! Here it comes again!”

Although it is an acronym, it is normally pronounced as one word.

It is a phrase said when something that has fucked you up before is coming to fuck you up again – hence “bend over”.

It can be used in any situation, but is mostly said in workplaces, for example if the boss is coming, and in military situations.

You generally say it when you know something bad is going to happen.

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Origin of the term

The humor magazine The Log have been featuring a comics series called The Bohica Brothers ever since the 1970.

However, it was made popular as a military slang thanks to the book with the same title BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) released in 1987 by writer Scott T. Barnes.

In the book, the acronym was used as a code word with the NSA and CIA during covert communications.

Spread of the term

“BOHICA” is generally known and defined as a military slang, and it is usually presented in a humorous way.

The acronym was first defined on Urban Dictionary by user demander in January, 2003,  explained as ‘getting screwed over by the same means twice’.

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