Blue Falcon

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What does Blue Falcon mean?

Synonymous to “buddy fucker”, but not in a sexual way.

You would call someone a “Blue Falcon” if they fucked over their friends, as in, putting them in a shit situation.

Examples are:

  • Bringing up some of your less fortunate behaviour in front of someone who is above you, such as your boss, so that you get in trouble.
  • Saying that you will do a job, so that the other person doesn’t think about it, then leaving the job unfinished, forcing the other person to do it for you in last minute.
  • Taking unnecessary sick days so that your workmates have to do your job.

And heaps of other situations.

The Military Folks Here Will Understand

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Origin of the term

“Blue Falcon” is originally the military or police term for “buddy fucker”.

It originated with a person in your unit screwing up for others so that they would look better in the eyes of their command.

It became “Blue Falcon” to avoid using profanity, so they took the acronym of “buddy fucker”, “BF”, and made it Blue Falcon.

Spread of the term

The term is still used in the military, but has also been adopted to other areas which involve teamwork, or requires other people to pull their own load.

“Blue Falcon” is used in a derogatory manner, and people who show this type of behaviour is often disliked.


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