Bed Wench

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What does Bed Wench mean?

Bed Wench is a derogatory slang, typically aimed at women of colour that are in relationship with a white man.

It is normally used by people of colour to insult the woman who has “turned her back on them”.

People using the slang automatically assume that the woman’s’ reason for dating a white guy is to get privileges from him, even if it’s true or not.

A “Bed Wench” will provide the man with sexual services to receive privileges, money, promotions and other perks.

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Origin of the term

“Bed Wench” originally stems from the era of slavery in the US, between early 1600 and 1865.

The “Bed Wench” was a slave woman, also called a “bed warmer”, who would stay in the slave owners bed to keep it warm for him, and would always be ready to provide him with sexual services.

Spread of the term

“Bed Wench” is an insult and can me considered an ethnic slur towards women of colour.

In 2014, wordpress blogger The Peacock Bride wrote a post about being called a “Negro Bed Wench” because she married a black man, and the insults and consequences that comes from it, from her own people., writer Shafiqah Hudson wrote an article explaining that today, the black woman doesn’t necessarily sleep with a white man to get the derogatory label. It is enough to be a successful black woman.

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