Basic White Girl

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What does Basic White Girl mean?

Everyone has seen a basic white girl. If you live in a first world country, you see them every day.

The Basic white girl wears skinny fit jeans, usually high waist to show off her ass, a bomber jacket or whatever jacket is trending right now, kylie jenner lipstick, the latest iphone, converse in the summer and uggs in the winter.

And of course, a Starbucks takeaway cup, usually filled with whatever weird pumpkin spice latte drink they have on their seasonal menu.

They exclusively hang out with other Basic white girls, and they are called “basic” because 70% of them look the exact same.

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Origin of the term

Basic white girl is a more appropriate way of saying “basic bitch”, which was the original term.

It was first said by African American comedian Lil Duval in 2009.

Several variations was derived from “basic bitch” such as Basic white girl and basic white bitch, and they all refer to the same girls.

Spread of the term

The term is derogatory and usually used as an insult, stating that the women who dress and behave in this style have no own personality or creativity.

It is used by any other person than the Basic white girls themselves. Even other women use the term.


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