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What does Art hoe mean?

A controversial term, as some view it as positively loaded and may call themselves an art hoe, while others will use it as an insult towards someone else.

An Art hoe is a white girl or woman who will dress as a hipster, wear the mainstream “Fjallraven Kanken” backpack, have big hipster glasses and claims to only shop at thrift shops.

Most are vegans, have an alternative hair style and listens to bands that no one else have heard of.

They are called Art hoes because they claim to be very interested in art and alternative culture – but without much evidence for this statement.

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Origin of the term

The term had originally nothing to do with white girls, as it was first coined by POC, specifically the tumblr user “sensitiveblackperson”.

It was meant to describe POC that are genuinely interested in art.

The slang was then misappropriated as describing white hipster girls, more often than not pretending to love art.

Spread of the term

POC are holding onto the term as their own, and some Instagram and tumblr users are sharing artsy content with the term as title or hashtag.

The “white” version of the term is equally used, often in instructional videos on YouTube on “how to be an art hoe”, “art hoe lookbook” and numerous similar titles.


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