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What does Angery mean?

Angery is a joke and meme, deliberately misspelled and featured on images of snarling doggos, angry react emoji, from Facebook or my guy, the Meme Man.


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Origin of the term

The expression originates from Urban Dictionary, when in 2005 a definition was added of “Angery”.

It was defined as a funny way to call someone out, whose wrath is raging over something trivial.

Spread of the term

The life of the meme began in 2015, when a picture of a snarling dog was posted on twitter, with the iconic term written across the image.

In the following year, memes were posted on Tumblr, Twitter, as well as Facebook, where apart from dog images, angry emojis were displayed.

The real career of the meme, however began in late 2016, when a comic was posted, featuring Meme Man, getting pissed over a “vegetal” that got into his mouth with his juicy, chewy “foond”.

The next day, a video was uploaded to YouTube, where the comic was read out loud in an epic and dramatic way.

Angery memes were posted all over the internet, after this, from meme pages, to Reddit, to Facebook’s very own meme groups.


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