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What does AMWF mean?

AMWF is used to describe interracial couples, specifically Asian Male, White Female. It is the counterpart of the more common WMAF, short for White Male, Asian Female.

Kids born in these types of relationships are called hapa, a word used to describe people with mixed Asian, or Pacific and Causcasian ancestry.

These kinds of couples are seen to be beneficial to children born to them, seeing as many Asian men are well schooled, ambitious and responsible, while Caucasian women are more seen as emancipated, independent and holding a can-do attitude, making the parents a proper role model for the descendants.


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Origin of the term

Mixed race couples started to take off in America, during the 20th century, with the steady disappearance of racial profiling and prejudices.

Asian-Caucasian couples and marriages first appeared in the form of WMAF relationships, with the stereotypes of Oriental women being subservient and kinky.

These kinds of mysteries surrounding women from the land of the rising sun brought with them a spread of Asian sexual fetishism.

Spread of the term

Towards the end of the century, the successes of the feminist movement brought freedom to women to marry out of love and with no regard to races. Today AMWF couples are quite widespread in mainly the United States, the very melting pot of the world.

The porn industry has also taken interest in this phenomenon, though the popularity of these videos are nowhere near to WMAF films.


Further information/sources

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