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What does Akata mean?

The slang refers to an African person who has been exposed to a privileged foreign country or area.

It is a person who is now viewed as different by the locals, even though they originate from the same place.

If a local person moves to a rich country, then comes back and shows off his or her wealth, you would call them Akata.

The Akata can no longer bargain at the local supermarket and can no longer relate as much to the local culture.

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Origin of the term

Akata is a real word in the West African language Yoruba.

In the original language, its meaning is any undomesticated cat animal, that doesn’t live in the city/town, but in the outskirts.

The cat referred to is often the serval, a wild cat native to Africa, but the word can be used about any cat species that are wild.

The metaphor slang was created as an analogy to the cat in the outskirts. The Akata is a person from the outskirts.

Spread of the term

The term is similar to the slang “boujee”, mainly used by African-Americans.

Akata is used by locals to a city or town, about another local who left the town in favour of a rich country, often the US, and comes back, richer than the general population.

Some view it as a derogatory term, while others just view it as an adjective.


Further information/sources

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