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What does Aegosexual mean?

Aegosexual, also known as “anegosexual” or “autochorissexual”, is a sexual orientation that belongs under the umbrella of asexuality.

A person who is “aegosexual” lacks the desire to participate in sexual activities, yet they may have sexual fantasies that they get aroused from.

The difference is that they do not imagine themselves in said fantasies, but they separate themselves from the target or arousal. They get turned on, but they are disconnected from the experience.

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Origin of the term

Made up of the prefix “a-” meaning not, “ego” for self, and sexual. Hence, “aegosexual” literally means “sexual without self”.

The original term was “autochorissexuality”, and was coined by Dr. Anthony F. Bogaert. “Autochoris” means “identity-less”. Unfortunately, Dr. Anthony F. Bogaert claimed it was a paraphilia, which was offensive towards people with this orientation, hence there was need for a new term without the negative connotations.

Spread of the term

As the orientation can be hard to understand for people with a traditional sexual orientation, the Sexuality Wiki on Fandom described it as ‘getting aroused at the thought of sex, but not wanting to be involved’, similar to how someone can enjoy watching sports on TV but never wanting to actually play said sport.

The “aegosexual” pride flag contains 4 colours, and the middle is an inverted triangle. The colours mean: asexuality (black), gray-asexuality (gray), sexuality (white) and community (purple).

“Aegosexuality” is a valid orientation within the LGBTQ community.


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