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What does WBU mean?

The meaning of WBU is “what about you”.

Though it might be tricky to guess at first glance, “b” online often stands for “‘bout” and “u” often stands for “you” so for someone with a little more experience in text speech, deciphering it may not be that difficult.

Origin of the term

It is hard to trace the exact point of conception, when we’re talking about text abbreviations, however, the date may be contained within the timespan between 1990 and 2005.

Like many abbreviations, “wbu” was also first introduced to humanity on chatrooms and forums and later in text messages, thanks to SMS technology.

Spread of the term

2007 marked the year, when “wbu” was uploaded to Urban Dictionary, allowing casual visitors of the web to gain insight on its meaning.

Today, the abbreviation may be encountered in various contexts online, from messages on WhatsApp to Tweets, Facebook posts and even Reddit threads.

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