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What does PAWG mean?

PAWG is an acronym mostly used by the adult entertainment industry or African Americans, describing a “Phat Ass White Girl”.

Although the abbreviation is standing for “phat”, the butt doesn’t necessarily have to be that, seeing how the expression is often used for well defined, muscular glutei.

Wrestler pawg Taryn Terrel

Origin of the term

“PAWG” probably appeared in the English language around the 90’s or the early 2000’s, with the hip hop culture slowly taking over the world.

The most plausible root for the expression is the black community, since the abbreviation stands for “phat” – a writing style unique to Afro Americans.

The very first instance of its use on the internet is the first Urban Dictionary entry, coming from 2004. Soon after, in 2005 a similar entry has been published, also on the very same site.

Spread of the term

Since the early 2000’s, “PAWG” has conquered the internet, in Tweets or Instagram posts, often by the users self-identifying, as a “PAWG”.

The acronym has also spread onto adult entertainment sites, even becoming its own category, with it often encompassing interracial films, with a black man and white woman.

While “PAWG” may be used in such instances, for men its use around women might be objectifying and fetishizing. It is also widely mentioned by artists in the hip hop sphere.

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