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What does MRW mean?

“MRW” is a similar abbreviation to “mfw” and “tfw” also used to describe a feeling, the difference being, that the latter two usually has a usual mood to them, the sentiment of mrw may vary by context.

It is the acronym for “My Reaction When” most often used with gifs, to display the reaction. Another connotation it may carry is “Most Recently Worn” but it is rarely used.

Origin of the term

Mrw is one of the least used acronyms of the internet. It got its definition on Urban Dictionary in 2012.

It was and still is mostly used in memes, depicting a response of the creator in certain situations. For example: Mrw I hear that the Big Lez Show will not continue…

Spread of the term

Mrw is mostly used on Reddit, where it even has its own thread. It is also commonly found on the message boards of 4chan.

It is on these sites that most of the memes are posted, containing the abbreviation and the creative genius of the memers, making them.

Further information/sources

  • Urban Dictionary – MRW
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