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What does JFC mean?

JFC is an internet abbreviation for the blasphemous vulgarity, “John Fucking Cena”.

In more popular use it is the abbreviation for the expression “Jesus Fucking Christ” that is applied to express frustration, disgust, disappointment, amongst several other negative emotions.

Like all shortenings, jfc is mostly encountered on the internet or in online videogames where people channel their rage into these three simple, but meaningful letters.

Origin of the term

Similar to other text abbreviations, this one originates from the late 90’s or the early 2000’s, when the internet finally has taken off and started its majestic flight, with the first Urban Dictionary entry of jfc being added in 2003.

The phrase Jesus Fucking Christ is said to have been fist applied in the 1920’s, decorating, as well as intensifying the long existent exclamation “Jesus Christ”.

Spread of the term

Nowadays we may encounter these three cute letters in text messages with our friends, as well as tweets, Instagram posts and even video games.

Though the abbreviation eases on the profanity of the phrase, it is still best avoided in a Christian environment.

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