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What does HBIC mean?

HBIC is an acronym, meaning “Head Bitch In Charge”.

The expression originates from the television personality, Tiffany Pollard, who had made a great contribution to culture and humanity with this uncanny way of beating at one’s chest to prove, they are the alpha in the group.

Origin of the term

Tiffany Pollard had entered the mainstream media through TV series, like I Love New York, and Celebrity Big Brother, both in which she liked to claim her superiority above other bitches, determining herself to be the bitch of the bitches, aka Head Bitch In Charge.

Spread of the term

The expression as well as the acronym had become well recognized and popularly used, with the first Urban Dictionary entry being added on it in 2004, followed by several others, trying to enlighten people of ignorance to the meaning and utilization of this wonderful phrase.

Today, the most common place to see HBIC is in women’s magazines and blog sites, where articles, titled for example “9 Signs That Prove You’re The HBIC!” are collecting the clicks of the unaware.


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