4 Girls Fingerpaint

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What does 4 Girls Fingerpaint mean?

4 Girls Fingerpaint is an internet shock video like “2 girls 1 cup” and “2 girls 1 finger”.

These videos might be considered similar, however 4 Girls Fingerpaint is nastier than both.

In the video one girl shits in the other girls asshole then the third girl stars to eat her shit and playing with it in her mouth, after that they start using  the shit with their fingers and paint their bodies with it.

When they are done with painting, one girl pukes on the girl whose ass was covered in shit while one of the other girls pukes in another girls mouth.

Search Interest

Origin of the term

4 Girls Fingerpaint appeared on the internet around early 2008 and because its nastiness you can only find it on websites like rotten.com, which specializes in gore and shock videos.

This is considered one of the nastiest videos on the internet, which is not under gore category.

Spread of the term

After its initial appearance on the internet, 4 Girls Fingerpaint slowly started to develop a fanbase of people who like things like this, and later it became a YouTube challenge.

Reacting to shock videos all around YouTube is quite a big thing, where you can see peoples reaction to videos like 4 Girls Fingerpaint where most of them can’t even finish watching these.


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