3 guys 1 hammer

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What does 3 guys 1 hammer mean?

3 guys 1 hammer is a viral shock video, which features three young-adult serial killers, murdering a middle-aged man who they held captive for some time then finishing him off with a hammer, bludgeoning his head.

The title is basically a pun after the 2 girls 1 cup infamous shock video, to bait people into watching the video.

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Origin of the term

The murderers in the video have been dubbed as the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, a trio of serial killers who murdered at least 20 people.

3 guys 1 hammer has appeared on a shock/gore video site called: Run the Gauntlet.

The victim in this video was identified as the 48 years old Sergei Yatzenko.

Spread of the term

The video has raised popularity thanks to a ListVerse writer under the internet alias Mike Floorwalker.

The article he wrote is called “10 videos of violence and insanity” and featured videos similar to 3 guys 1 hammer.

On the list, He ranked the 3 guys 1 hammer in second place and advised to not watch it due to its disturbing nature.

Despite the fact that the list contained other videos that included murder in them, the video became a YouTube reaction video, which has spawned multiple reaction videos uploaded to the site by users.


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