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What does 228922 mean?

This 6-digit number is a hentai tag; a keyword- or number sequence that refers to specific contents of hentai manga. They are used on hentai enthusiast websites.

228922 refers to Erogros, a hentai manga involving extreme, sadistic  themes such as torture, rape and cannibalism.

In the meme world, such hentai tags are usually followed by a reaction meme.

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Origin of the term

Erogros Vol 2 – which happens to be the first number – is an anthology work written by various authors.

The second number is made by an artist who calls himself “JM”.

The hentai manga series contain extreme shock pictures, and is not recommended to look at if you are not into that sort of art.

Spread of the term

Manga and anime is popular amongst men and women in all ages, however, men make up the largest fan group.

Hentai is a sexual version of manga/anime, and is usually aimed at men.

The particular genre of hentai that Erogros/228922 belongs to is only watched by a small minority that seems to have a preference of sadistic, cruelty based porn, and extreme power fantasies.

Most users accidentally stumble upon it, and the internet is full of warnings from said individuals that you will regret it if you search for it.


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